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    About PFN

    Since its inception in 1992, PFN has consistently vied for a leading position in the global hygiene market by providing an unparalleled assortment of ultra-lightweight non-woven spunmelt materials for applications in personal hygiene, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

    PFN’s primary objective is to devise inventive solutions that generate tangible benefits for its clientele. Each component is designed for standalone use or seamless integration, ensuring the diverse requirements of product designers are comprehensively addressed.


    PFN has amassed over three decades of expertise in the nonwoven sector by uniting two of the world’s most esteemed nonwoven enterprises, Pegas Nonwovens and First Quality Nonwovens.


    Established in 1992, PFN has been a formidable player in the global hygiene market, offering an innovative array of ultra-lightweight non-woven spunmelt materials tailored for personal hygiene, healthcare, and industrial applications.


    Our company is firmly rooted in four core values which serve as the foundation of our ethos: agility, care, trust, and excellence.


    Our purpose is to provide solutions that offer unparalleled levels of wellness and protection, enhancing people’s lives and contributing to a more sustainable world.


    Our team of experts combines technical mastery in material and manufacturing innovation with best-in-class quality and customer service. We develop and commercialize highly differentiated premium nonwoven fabrics for personal care that are affordable.


    First nonwovens produced by Pegas (today’s PFN) in Czech Republic, Znojmo & Bucovice.


    Beginning of production in the USA - Hazleton, Pennsylvania


    Production Expansion: Start of production Egypt.


    Merge of the most respected nonwoven companies in the world, Pegas Nonwovens and First Quality Nonwovens.


    Production Expansion: Start of production South Africa.


    Production Expansion: Reicofil 5 spunbond line in the Czech Republic


    Production Expansion: Reicofil 5 spunbond line in the United States


    Production Expansion: Reicofil 5 spunbond line in South Africa



    ​​​Creatively embrace change, drive continuous improvement and deliver valuable solutions in an ever-changing environment.


    Empower teams and individuals to create and maintain a safe environment.  Embrace diversity to provide opportunities and enable PFN to thrive.  We care for our environment, customer experience and employees.


    Encourage and reward proactive communication, honest feedback and foster a culture of mutual respect.  We do what we say.


    Clarity of purpose and focus to deliver what matters.  Pursue excellence and technical mastery to deliver high quality results.  We bring out the best in our teammates and support their growth.


    Cedric Ballay Chief Executive Officer

    Prior to joining PFN, spent over seven years in top management positions in the hygiene nonwovens industry dealing mainly with Commercial and Product Development. Spent nearly 16 years with General Electric, progressing through leadership.

    Shane Vincent Chief Commercial Officer

    Started at PFN in 2020
    Prior to joining, held key commercial roles within the spunbond/spunmelt industry. Graduate of Ohio University

    Tonny de Beer Chief Product, Technology & Sustainability Officer

    Started at PFN in 2018. Worked for a leading global consumer goods company in the area of nonwoven material development for hygiene products since 2006. Ph. D. Doctoral Degree in Chemistry from Utrecht University

    Marek Krejčí Chief Financial Officer

    Started at PFN in 2023

    Alena Patrovská Chief People Officer

    Started at PFN in 2021. Graduated in finance and banking, however, people, culture, and communication are her biggest passion. Before PFN, she worked as chief people officer for a private equity company and held international roles for stock exchange-listed corporations.

    Chris Scuron General Manager US

    Chris is a spunmelt nonwovens manufacturing veteran with over 25 years of experience in Operations and Supply Chain Leadership positions.

    Ivo Urbanec General Manager EMEA

    Started in PFN in April 2022. Prior to joining, worked in various senior roles for a leading global company in packaging industry. Graduated in Automation.