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Premium, Soft and Textured Garment-like Fabrics

Our proprietary AQ technology creates nonwoven fabrics that possess a superior natural soft touch, closely resembling cotton. These fabrics are unique as they offer a level of softness at unmatched integrity and high quality. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic fabrics are available in basis weights from 15 – 65 gsm.

Our spun forming technology is able to apply a 3D structure or an aperture pattern to nonwovens, which can be customized via pattern designs. Spun-melt nonwovens can be modified from basis weights as low as 15gsm in either hydrophilic or hydrophobic phobic form.

Soft Fabrics: SilkSpun®, Softblend, TenderTouch®

We offer a wide range of soft bi-component and mono-component spunbond and SMS products that are designed to feel silky or cottony. These specialty nonwovens can be combined with designer bond patterns to differentiate from competition. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic nonwovens are available in basis weight from 10 – 60 gsm.

Bio-Sourced and Renewable Fabrics

We have the capability to tailor various non-woven applications with bio-PE, and PLA, and are pushing the limits of using recycled content. Combining these formulations with our proprietary technologies listed above guarantee a unique BioSoft solutions.

High Barrier Protective Fabrics

We pride ourselves of being at the cutting edge of delivering SMS fabrics that provide the ultimate leakage protection against bio-fluids, such as urine, runny BM and menses. High level of barrier properties for leg cuff and other hygiene barrier applications are available for materials of 11gsm and up.

Functional Fabrics

With over 20+ years of experience in the hygiene market, we have a wide selection of spunbond and SMS materials for Baby and Adult Diapers, Baby and Adult Pants, as well as for Fem Care Products. These materials have been rigorously optimized for function, look & feel, and for cost. These functionalized nonwovens are available as low as basis weights of 7gsm. And, with our collective expertise, we can engineer and design the best nonwoven for the intended task.

Designer Bond Patterns

We have a long tradition of developing functional and aesthetically pleasing bond patterns to enhance the visual appeal of nonwoven fabrics. These patterns can enhance softness, strength and the look and feel of nonwovens. We have a range of bond patterns available, and the ability to co-create a new distinguishing one for various applications.

/ Medical

Soft fabrics: SilkSpun®, Softblend, TenderTouch®, Kazzmere®

We offer a wide range of soft SMS products for gown, scrub suit and drape applications. These nonwovens are designed to deliver the optimal softness and drape-ability for comfortable wear, while fully maintaining the protective barrier and integrity requirements. These fabrics are available in basis weight from 18 gsm and up.

High Barrier Protective Fabrics

We pride ourselves of being at the cutting edge of delivering SMS fabrics that provide the ultimate protection against bio-fluids. Innovative breathable barrier fabrics are available with hydrohead values of over 100 mbar, and with excellent breathability.


/ Wipes

Textile-like wipes; AQ Soft & Strong

Our proprietary AQ technology creates lofty nonwoven fabrics that are soft, have excellent absorption and cleaning characteristics, and are resistant to abrasion. Applications include baby, personal and beauty care wipes. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic fabrics are available in basis weights from 15 – 65 gsm.

High Strength Wipes: Gradient Tough and Gradient Smooth

By combining different functional layers, wipes are created that are up to the task. Our Gradient Tough Wipe is a high-integrity wipe with an abrasive surface for the toughest scrubbing applications. Our Gradient Smooth Wipe is a high-integrity wipe with a soft and smooth surface for personal care and hard surface care. Recommended basis weight range for these wipes is 25 – 65 gsm range.

Value fabrics

Where applicable PFN can design spunmelt applications that save cost while providing needed characteristics for various programs such as cart wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, industrial/automotive cleaning wipes and alcohol disinfecting wipe applications.

/ Agriculture

Blanket Fabric

We designed a non-woven blanket that is permeable to water, air and light, and it creates the microclimate that is optimal for plant development and growth. Plants are protected against harsh weather conditions such as short-term frost, strong winds, hail and pests.

Mulching Fabric

We offer a black mulching fabric that is laid directly on the soil and prevents the growth and spread of weeds. This significantly reduces and even eliminates the need of herbicides. The fabric is water-permeable, it allows the soil to get warm, minimizes non-productive evaporation and prevents the creation of soil crust.


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We are part of the global economy

The PFNonwovens Group is one of the leading global producers of nonwovens for use in the personal hygiene market such as Baby Diapers, Adult Incontinence and Feminine Hygiene products and Wipes. PFN also supplies construction, agricultural and medical applications.

Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, our production facilities are located in four countries on three continents: Czech Republic, USA, Egypt, and South Africa. Our dynamic, diverse workforce consists of over 900 team members.

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