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    PFNonwovens Hazleton awarded its second “Future Innovators Grant”

    PFNonwovens Hazleton awarded its second “Future Innovators Grant”. A $1000 scholarship for higher education for a PFN child, grandchild, or stepchild. This grant is made possible through the donation of a PFN Hazleton employee.

    The winner of the 2023 Future Innovators Grant is Michael Mohan, son of PFN employee Daniela Mohan. Michael will be studying Computer Information Systems at King’s College. Congratulations Michael and family!

    This grant is intended as a small gesture of assistance for our next generation of innovators. Secondary education is so important. It teaches both the theory and how to solve practical problems. It’s a journey of personal development as young adults absorb individual growth potential during this time.

    The Future Innovators Grant is aimed to help one child on their journey to become the best version of themselves. To take a leap of faith and discover their potential.

    Best Wishes to all the Future Innovators at PFN as they begin their exciting, new journey of education!